Many of my works use the striking juxtaposition of seemingly incompatible elements. So they make differences explicit or bring opposites into a unity. Abstraction and decontextualization help to focus on essentials instead of serving a creative obfuscation. Under no circumstances do I lift the right to create something new. Rather, I condense and promote the inherent. In particular, my photography aims at evoking a transcendent moment which has the most direct impact on the viewer's experience. He gets involved with that what stands behind the immediately visually perceptible.

Artistic influences

Color plays an important role in my work. From nature's rich repertoire I obtain delicate chords of interactions colors. Influenced by humanistic photography and photojournalism, integrity, clarity, and reduction to the essentials are my inevitable concerns. There is no space for image and message manipulation, the constant companions of media industry, commercial and advertising photography.

Methods - Artist-Hompepage Jürgen Lorenz
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