Interaction Between Human Life And Urban Living Space

Ostensibly, urbanity stands for explicit achievements of modern cities and the urban area. Skyscraper, glass structures existing alongside the old, dilapidated objects, obscure, avant-garde designs, overwhelming advertising space, representing an ever-changing environment.

Urbanity also stands for the implications and consequences of these creations. The heterogeneous, vibrant and fragile environment variable affects the way of life, social structure, as well as the mental and psychic life of its inhabitants.

Constantly stimulated by most manifold impressions and stimuli, it seems to be impossible for him to rest. He assimilates and constantly re-invents himself, culminating in the creation of an urban, intellectual individuality.

The supersaturated city dweller is unable to adequately handle all external influences. The psychic life can no longer keep pace with the intellectual character. The mind protects the ego.

The formation of a mental and intellectual balance can not be done without a comprehensive, unified development of the consciousness and an associated finding of the real identity. Weighing and sublimating the properties provided by the urbanity, is inevitably linked with a return to the inner self and therefore a transcendental process.

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