Industry ~ Mountain ~ Home

What defines home? As it manifests itself in a feeling?

Without doubt, in the classic sense mountains stand for home. The mountain romantically seen: The view filtered by the viewer's wistful look, cleared of civilizational indicators. No supermarket, no road signs, no warehouse spoils the view. Harmonious, unadulterated placement in nature, minimal human tracks, a couple of farms, houses ... Security, unity, satisfaction.

Home but also has other recognizable values that shape and makes it identifiable. The mountain in ciliziation's context, with scars of human origin. Warehouses, cell towers, signage, transport infrastructure, electricity pylons, ..., all provided with an expiry date. These things also define home, even so it feels!

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Schneeberg - gypsum plant ISchneeberg - end of the lineSchneeberg - gypsum plant IISchneeberg - overgrownSchneeberg - gas stationSchneeberg - all loveSchneeberg - science