Gnothi seauton

Myself in the foreign viewing.

A humanistic photographer has responsibility which is of twofold nature: on the one hand, it is to document human behavior in a gentle, modest and compassionate manner, on the other hand it has to be educational and idealistic. The challenge one has to face is to pursue both goals in an ethical way. The following images found in this responsibility [sic!].

Superficially, my poetic images that show human life may be regarded as the only result of this effort. Nevertheless, the actual achievement is the volatile, sometimes only a few moments lasting, relationship to people. In no case I shall be understood as a photographer in first sight. Inconspicuous, as close to the people as possible, I work with analog technology. This gives me no guarantee of a successful picture, but on the other hand prevents any voyeuristic tendencies. The reward of this approach are spontaneously acting people. Anyway, I consider honest intentions and mindfulness as a breeding ground for the possibility of a transcendent moment, of which I am the catalyst. What I rediscover is an inherent and integral part of the people as the transcendental element lies in the expression of their soul. The person's thoughts, his perception of the world, fears and worries, joys, sorrows and motivations can only be guessed. One's own self is projected in the opposite whereas it can be read as in a mirror. Approaching the characters and capturing this fleeting moment in a photograph are thus the path to start a confrontation with oneself.

The subsequent invitation of the outside observer to this process, is the claim of this photograph.

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