Why Art?

The imaginative, manipulative and rememberable skills of an image are almost unlimited. In this broad spectrum I care about subjects with do not comprise compelling visual stimuli on one hand. On the other hand I emphasis on humanitas. My pictures capture and reflect human emotions and interactions.

In both cases, I deal with the nonobvious, the phenomena that are easily overlooked in everyday's life and purposely excluded in a commerical image culture.

The lifting of the hidden, be it visual themes, details or just nuances, implicate my photographic design elements. Fascinated by the fact that the "created things" are already existing, I just observe and re-discover which forms the basis of my work.

My photographic art presents the results of this specific mindfulness. My goal is-functioning as a catalyst-the evokation of emotions which raise the viewer's awareness and concern with the seemingly hidden.

Artist Statement - Artist-Hompepage Jürgen Lorenz
the girl with red shoes